Help with emails sent (all fields / notification)


I set up a REALLY large form.

I separated it clearly by pages, and by HTML blocks with clear titles.

It’s working great!

However, when I get the email, it’s just a dump of all the answers and it’s impossible to figure out.
It’s the default admin notification with all fields.
I’m stuck reading the email with the form open to figure out what Is what…

I would like to know how it is possible to enhance the format of how en entry is sent by email:

  • Is it possible to show pages?
  • Is it possible to show HTML blocks
  • Is there any other workaround that I could do so I can clearly indicate sections in the forms, and it would show in the email

Also, is there any way to export results in a CSV?
I know you can export them in the settings but I want to know if there’s a quick way to export one entry in a CSV.

Thanks !

Hi Taktik. You can definitely export one entry at a time manually. As for automating that, there is a plugin that can automate exports and can export one entry at a time, after submission:

For the content of your notification email, I recommend taking a look at this plugin:

That will give you complete control over the content of your email notification. If you want total domination, you can manually create your own HTML notification and use individual merge tags for the field values. We have a great article about how to do that here:

If I missed anything, please let me know.

Hey @chrishajer I dowloaded the “Gravity Forms All Fields Template” extension and activated it.

I’ve also downloaded the sample template file.

What I’m trying to do is to show all HTML fields when using {all_fields} in a notification email to the administrator.

I still can’t figure out how to do that.

I’ve seen this part:

Include a field that is not included by default (i.e. HTML fields).

Isn’t there a way to just include ALL FIELDS without having to list all of the fields that normally don’t show up?

That’s really what I’m looking for… just show ALL FIELDS.

If the fields are not normally included in the notification (using {all_fields}), like HTML fields, you have to specify them individually. That’s my understanding of how the plugin works. If you have other questions about the Gravity Wiz code, I recommend leaving a comment on that article to see if there is another way:

Thank you.