Show all fields in email notification every single one

I am thinking about using gravity forms, is there a way to show every single field you have on a form when you get the email notification, even if it’s not selected. For example, a yes and no question the person chooses no, I also want to see the yes, also if I have multiple checkboxes they can choose from and they only select one, I want to see all the choices I gave them emailed to me. Finally, if I use the HTML which I have a privacy policy I want to also see the text I have there as well. is that at all possible with gravity form with having to buy a 3rd party addon?

Hi Jen. Yes, there are several ways. For example, to show fields where no value was submitted, you can use the :empty modifier in the notification when using the {all_fields} helper. We documented that here:

If you want to show all possible checkboxes in the notification, not just the selected one, you can use this merge tag modifier:

Gravity Forms will not include HTML fields by default in your notification. If you would like to send that, you can include the same text in your notification as you do in the HTML field in the form, but that is double work and you have to maintain it in two places. To include the HTML field content in the notification, it is possible with this free add-on from GravityWiz:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you I will look into these.

With this one it only will show unchecked I want to show both checked and unchecked. Would it be possible to also add the checked as well by using if ( $field ->type == 'checkbox' && $modifier == 'unchecked' `` 'checked' ) ?

I tried the code on a friend’s account and it just made the submit button go in circles never submitting the form. Once we deleted the code the form submitted. Unfortunately, we are unable to show all fields, whether they are text fields, checkbox fields etc… Furthermore if you select no that is what the form shows in an email it doesn’t show yes and no and which one was selected, same with radio boxes we only see what we checked off, it doesn’t show unchecked with the one that is checked. :pensive: