Field headings problem [RESOLVED]

I have created a set of forms for a client that contain multiple headings as you work through the form, when the forms get submitted only the fields are showing on the email notifications, we really need the headings to show as well. Any help much appreciated.

Hi Wayne. Can you post some screenshots of the way the form is configured, showing the headings and what type of fields you used for them, and what your notification looks like? Thank you.

Hi Chris,

I have attached a screenshot showing how the titles are set up and what we get in the email. The one I’ve attached shows the title ‘GP Details’ which doesn’t show as you can see in the email screenshot. It’s the same with all the other titles.

It looks like you are using the HTML fields for those headings? Because HTML fields are for display only, not stored in the entry, they are not included in the notification. Take a look at this free solution to include HTML fields in the {all_fields} notification:

Thanks, would there be a better way of building the forms in the future so the headings show, is HTML not the only option to d this?

If you use the section break field, that will heading appear in the notification.

I’m confused, how will a section break show the headings?

The actual Section “Field Label” is what will appear in the notification. This is how the field label is set up in my form:

This is what the section “Field Label” “Order Information” looks like:

If you need the actual HTML field in your notification, I recommend the All Fields Template from GravityWiz.

Sorted it, Chris, I used the section field, I should have done this in the first place. Thanks again mate.

Thanks for the update Wayne. Take care.