Passing dynamic HTML field content to notification

I have an HTML field that contains a table with defined header columns and an empty body. The table gets populated on the frontend though click events using jQuery to append and remove rows to the body, with each row containing a unique product name, id number, price, etc.

I need to capture the contents of the table body on submission, otherwise there’s no way of knowing which product(s) the customer is interested in. I’ve tried the suggestions provided here, but all I’m seeing in the notification is the name of the HTML field and the column names in the table’s header row.

Any suggestions?

HTML fields are “display only” fields, so they’re not included in the form submission, not saved to the entry, and therefore not part of the {all_fields} merge tag output.

The Gravity Forms All Fields Template is the only ready to use workaround that we’re aware of. I would recommend reaching the author for advice.

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