Javascript dynamically populated HTML field not correctly included in notification email

Hi there,

I am dynamically populating a ‘html field’ with content. The dynamically populated content is visible on the frontend of the form.

I’ve installed the “Gravity Forms All Fields Template” plugin to include html fields in the notification email, however the dynamically populated content is not included.

If I prepopulate the html field with some text e.g. “Hello There” and then I replace it with JS with “New Content” when the email sends “Hello There” is included instead of the updated content “New Content”.

I would use a ‘paragraph’ field however I have html markup included in the content im dynamically populating.

Any ideas on how to successfully do this?

Hey Georgia,

I believe the issue is that nothing in the HTML field is saved on submission. This means that even though you’re “populating” it with JavaScript on the frontend, on submission this data is not captured in the entry.

When you use All Fields Template to display HTML fields, it will pull whatever static content has been saved in the “Content” field setting via the form editor.

If you’re looking for dynamic HTML field content that can be displayed, our Populate Anything perk provides something called Live Merge Tags (LMTs).

If you include an LMT in the content of an HTML field, this content will be truly dynamic even when displayed via All Fields Template post-submission.

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