How to pass details in GF via shortcodes [RESOLVED]


i am using Funnelkit(previously woofunnels) to capture optin than leading the viewer to a GF questionaire. I want to pass the Name and email from the opt in to the name & email fields in GF. these fields are passed through via shortcodes.

This i know from research, GF fields are not shortcode ready. But i can capture via html field… all good :slight_smile:

The issue here is i know ( and tested ) that html doesnt come up in the back end as it is a front end display.

So im looking for a solution to get the content from html field to the name field on the same form? or is the a function that exists that allows html to be captured for noifications & confirmations?

i thought that gravity wiz had a plugin that allowed text in 1 field to populate in another. maybe im wrong…hoping someone can help me out

Gravity Wiz Populate Anything has a feature called “Live Merge Tags”. Is that what you’re trying to use?

Live Merge Tags.
Add auto-updating merge tags anywhere inside your form (e.g. labels, descriptions, choices, values, HTML content).

Following up on Chris’s reply, here’s a gif that illustrates what it could look like.

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Thanks Chris :slight_smile:

Thank You Chris,

I would like to add for yours and others that the Live Merge tags from Gravity Kit dont work with HTML field.

Do you know of any method to capture the html in the notifications or confirmations backend?

To include the content of an HTML field in your Notification, how about the free All Fields Template from Gravity Wiz?

With that, you can include HTML fields in your notification. If you read the comments there are several code snippets to do this automatically for all HTML Fields using a merge tag modifier, or even automatically for the {all_fields} merge tag with no modifier.