Update HTML text with the input value

Hi there,
I have a form with two section (paginated form)
In the first page I ask someones name
On the second page I want the use that name in a html text block.

Something like this
“Hi James, thanks for…” etc.

where “James” comes from the input field on page one.

Can this be done with GF?

Any help is very much appreciated!


Hi Estone. There is no feature in Gravity Forms to do that natively, but you can do it with some JavaScript of your own, or there is an awesome plugin called Populate Anything from Gravity Wiz which can do that:

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Thanks Chris,

Yes, that plugin will do the trick.

Unfortunately it does cost me 50 bucks for one perk.

I was hoping this could be done with GF hooks or something like that?

Without that plugin, you would need to write the code yourself. It would be JavaScript or jQuery. I don’t have any examples of that, because the awesome Perk takes care of it (I realize it’s a paid plugin, but now that the functionality is available, we don’t have to worry about code samples to handle something already handled by a plugin.) It’s definitely possible though if you want to create something (of course it’s possible, because they are doing it!)