Populating a dropdown with values from a text input field

Hey community!

I’m setting up a form for people who want to sign up to help at an event.
They have the choice to sign up individually, as a group leader or as a group member (Radio buttons choice).

For group leaders, I have a conditional text input field “Group name” (pops up when you select “group leader”).

For group members, I want to have a dropdown with all the groups that were previously entered into “Group name”. It appears that it would be possible but I am very rusty on coding so I need help implementing it.

Thanks in advance for any help,


I think Gravity Wiz Populate Anything Perk can do this:

Check some of the updates on their blog, and if you have any questions about the functionality, please contact Gravity Wiz. I’ll leave this open in case someone has an alternate code solution for you.

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