Use answer from question 1 as answer alternative in question 2?

For Question 1 in the form, a name is entered. I want to use that name as an answering alternative in question 2. Does anyone know how to do this?

Question 1, Enter your name:
Text field: John

Question 2, Choose who you want to apply for:
a. John
B. Someone else

Thank you!

Hi Eric !
Fun challenging question, I did a quick test on an idea and concluding it can be done with some coding, and assuming two other conditions:

  1. User is logged in to WP
  2. The Q2 field is in another page of the form, or different form from the Q1 form.

    But I’m guessing there is some other trick the experts here know that will solve this for you, as time will tell…

If no one else responds with a better answer, and my two requirements are acceptable for your use case, I’ll do some more digging and update this thread with my “hack” solution.

Cheers and GL friend !

I understand.

Unfortunately, the user is not logged in. But yes, question 2 is at a different page then question 1 (for real question 2 is actually question x)

Sorry m8,

My solution leveraged the user table to cache the input field values recorded for the user’s “next page” event.

But I assume the same entry value is available to a filter function when handling pre-render of the second page of the form - then it would need to be inserted into the default value of the field element.

It would be nice if there was an easier way for your use case. Sorry I can’t be of much help.

There are a couple ways to do that. This is the easiest:

You could do it with JavaScript (unsupported, but that is possible.)

Finally, you could use the gform_pre_render filter to populate that name in the choices on the subsequent page of a multi-page form:

Thank you Chris. I think I’ll go with the Perk from GW :slight_smile:

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