Best way to have a single user complete different versions of the same form?

Hello! I’m a brand new Gravity Forms user. I’m trying to make sure I totally understand how this works before releasing it to the world. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have created a basic form on a Wordpress website and enabled the Save & Complete Later function.

It’s a survey for our advertisers to use so we can build their profile page.

We want to have our sales team help complete the form for each of our advertisers. But this will mean a salesperson would be going into the same URL over and over.

Since I’m not exactly sure how Gravity Forms differentiates the users, I want to ask first, what is the best way to have them do this? I don’t want them to be overwriting any data.

Is it already set up to handle this by default OR should we have them create a user account and complete them that way?

Thank you in advance for your help!!

Hello and Welcome!

One person can visit the URL, create a profile for Advertiser A, and then that will be stored as a Gravity Forms entry.

They can visit the same URL (the page with the form) and submit again for Advertiser K, and another entry will be submitted, completely separate from the first entry.

No one needs to be signed in to submit the form, unless you want them to be signed in and have that restriction on the form (“user must be logged in to submit the form”).

If you were going to create accounts for each advertiser, the salesperson would need to somehow be logged in as that advertiser, to have the entry appear to be ‘from’ the advertiser.

That is the basics of how it works. You mentioned “Save and continue” functionality, but I’m not sure how that works for you in this scenario. If you can explain more about the system you are creating, there may be more advice we can add to help you along.

Hi Chris,
Yay! This helps a lot. Thank you so much!!!
I’m gonna send it out to a couple of folks to try and if I run into any trouble, I’ll be sure to come ask questions.

Thank you again for your response. I really appreciate it!

If you have any other questions about how it all works together, please let us know. I’m sure we can come up with something.