A form filled and saved by one user and submitted by another

I want to create a form that users will only be able to fill and save it (Save & Continue). Then only 5 specific users will be able to open the form (fill in some extra fields) and submit the form.
Is this kind of functionality is supported? And if so, could you advice me to what to look for?

Thank you.

Hi Apostolis. That sort of functionality is not supported out of the box in Gravity Forms. Your users could take their save and continue link and pass it on to the following user, but any user with the link could complete any of the rest of the form. It’s not very controlled, and that is not what the Save and Continue functionality was designed to be used for.

A better solution would be to use Gravity Flow, designed for exactly this sort of workflow. I recommend checking them out here:

If you have any other questions, please post them here or contact Gravity Flow. Thank you.

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