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I am currently working on a survey using GravityForms. I implemented a Save and Continue button to facilitate the process of sending out forms. I would need to send a form with some of it filled out to multiple clients. I also need to make sure that these clients would be able to Save and Continue their own progress as well.

With the different tests I have done, it seems that if you click on Save and Continue button currently on a page that was made using the Save and Continue button, the link does not change. Is there a way to make it that every time you click on the Save and Continue button, the token is randomized and the url is different each time?

Thank you!

What you’re getting is the expected, the Save and Continue link is intended to allow a single user to continue a partially filled form, therefore the link must always use the same token associated to the saved form. This behavior can’t be changed.

Maybe Gravity Flow, created by one of our certified developers, could help. I would recommend you to reach them for advice.

Hi John,

As Samuel suggested, Gravity Flow quite likely has what you need. With the user input step type you can assign an entry to any number of WP users, WP roles or email addresses and require one or all of them to update the values. Or an approval step type allows them to approve/reject the entry. The activity / links for each assignee are unique.

Depending on how much is known about the users to complete the step up front you have a couple different options. It sounds like one of our user fields to let you pick who should perform the action would be a good fit. So you/staff might fill in the initial form, selecting 3 assignees from the multi-user field, and then they would get assigned user input steps to add/edit to the other fields you want them to.

If you need each assignee to complete a fully different entry (i.e. receive 3 entries, not just 3 people editing the values in 1 entry), our Form Connector extension has options for providing a similar assignee experience with separate entries being stored. The Form Submission Step Type would be best to look at there and includes the ability to map fields from the initial form into the sub-entries.


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