New Save and Continue Link for Form 2 which has data passed from Form 1


I am developing an application where User 1 completes Form 1 and the data is passed to approximately 50% of the fields in Form 2 which is then completed by User 2.

I want each user to have the ability to be able to revisit their respective forms if they have entered incorrect information.
If I use the Save and Continue functionality currently, User 1 and User 2 receive the same link which brings them to Form 2.

I do not wish User 1 to have access to Form 2 once they have completed Form 1 but they need the ability to be able to edit their entry.
If User 1 has the ability to edit their entry, and updates this entry, will this update the data that was passed to the corresponding entry in Form 2.

Is there a way to create two separate Save and Continue Links with two forms that are connected like this?
Is there documentation that may point me in the right direction?

I believe that’s exactly what Gravity Flow + Checklists is for:

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Hi Hiranthi, Thanks for the link.