Allow {save_link} Merge Tag in "Resend Notifications"

Sometimes customers forget to request a “Save and Continue” email. It would be very helpful if we could create a deactivated notification that we can “Resend” that includes the “Save and Continue” URL.

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Hi lonepc,

In case this is of interest to you…

I am a freelance developer wrapping up a new plugin I’m donating to the community, and your suggestion caught my eye, as it was the limited native Save/Continue feature that I first tried using for a past project which motivated me to develop the “Shared Fields” plugin.

From what I recollect, what you suggest is fairly doable, or perhaps it’s already been done (if so, hopefully someone will update us on that shortly…).

You are welcome to review my (nearly completed) documentation for the new plugin, and ask any questions or offer any suggestions.

This plugin tackles the issue of form fill-out revisiting from a different approach - instead of leveraging an entry post from a submitted form, it instead transcends a single form or page, and enables the designer to create forms which can save and “share” field input on any page/form throughout a site. As well as provide for a “sticky form,” which you can revisit and continue with, even if you had only hit the next/prev button and not the final submit button on a multi-page form.

This has extra benefits for the use case of a logged in user, as the data is saved in the account’s meta table (else it’s saved in their session).


Docs are here:

This is now possible using GravityFlow:

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Thank you for sharing that link!