Save and continue when payment fails

Consider the following scenario:

I used the save-and-continue feature.
I try to pay to complete my purchase, but the payment fails.
I follow the link to try to pay again without filling in the form again.

Currently, Gravityforms informs me that the link is no longer valid. Wouldn’t it be great if the link only becomes invalid after a succesful payment?

Interesting scenario. I will add that to the list of requested features for the Save and Continue functionality.

Hi Floris,

There is a plugin called sticky fields, which leverages the saved entry post to re-populate a specific form. That might do what you need.

Also, I have developed a “sticky field sharing” plugin which saves the field’s entry data and auto re-populates it into the same or any form’s fields using same labels. This plugin saves the entry data into either the user’s session or their meta table if logged in. You can see this demonstrated at link below - for example, the “Clothing Shopper” demo, you could leave the form and return and see it’s still populated with your previous input. The “All Supported Fields” demo is several pages long, and also could be informative…

If you are interested in being a beta tester feel free to drop me a DM here. The info on both plugins are documentation at my code repo, and you are welcome to try out the demos I have provided as well.

For more info, see: