Is Gravity Forms best for what I'm trying to do?

Hi everyone! I’ve been using Gravity Forms on my client sites for awhile, so while not totally inexperienced with it, I know there are others here who are far more expert than I! I’m trying to decide if Gravity Forms is the way to go for a new project I’m working on, and would appreciate your thoughts.

Here is the general flow of what needs to happen. User would complete a form including a Stripe payment. They would then need to receive a confirmation email that would give them a link to access a 2nd form. This second form needs to only be available to those who have paid to use it. Also this second form is kind of long and I could see that people might want to be able to save and continue their work at a later time before finally submitting it. When that form gets submitted they need to get another email notification that would give them a link for scheduling a meeting time (which would be handled by Calendly, so it’s just a link to there).

I think this seems very workable with GF. The questions bouncing around my head, though are thinks like: how to keep 2nd form from being accessed by those who haven’t paid to access it? Password protect the page that has that form and give them the password in their payment confirmation email? Also, for the save and continue, is any user registration needed to make that happen? Or does GF create a unique link for each user’s form entry if they want to save and continue. I have never used that feature.


That sounds very doable. Yes, password protecting the page would probably be the most straightforward way to secure access to the second form. The Save & Continue feature of does provide a unique link to the user. No account registration is needed.

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Thanks for your input Joshua! I am going to give it a whirl! :slight_smile:

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Good luck to you BrightGirl and do let us know your final solution.

Or if you run into any blocks or rough patches, check back here. I had some suggestions and ideas too should you still be frustrated in your goals.