Is it possible to automatically email the 'Save and Continue' link?

I have a multi-page form that’s only accessible by logged-in users.

The default setting for Save and Continue is to display the link on-screen and invite the user to add their email address to get the link by email.

Is there a way to skip this step and automatically send the link to the logged-in user when the click the Save and Continue link in the form?

For the moment I’m showing a Confirmation message and the {save_email_input} field only, but my desired option would be for the email to be sent automatically.

Grateful for any pointers.

At this time, there is no way to automatically do that. We do have an open feature request for that enhancement. I ask that you add a note to our Product Roadmap, so that your comments can be added to the feature request. Our Roadmap can be found here:

Click the blue + sign in the lower left to get started. Thank you.

Hi @Thomas,

This doesn’t exactly fit the bill but if your users are logged-in, this is an awesome way to reload their last save and continue checkpoint automatically.

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Thanks @david.

Would love to be able to understand that – I’m just about scraping by with my non-dev brain as it is :grinning:.

Luckily it’s not critical – I asked this because a couple of my test users got put off by having a Big Scary Link (their words!) shown on screen. I’ve adjusted the confirmation to only show {save_email_input} so at least they aren’t confronted with having to deal with the link themselves.

@chrishajer – thanks for the Roadmap pointer. Comment added.

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@Thomas Don’t let the code intimidate you. You can actually download that raw file, zip it up and install it as a plugin and it’ll Just Work™️.

Hi @david

I finally got around to trying your code and it’s great, but I’m also a little confused.

I’m using the Gravity Wiz perk GP Conditional Logic Dates to restrict the appearance of the Submit button so that it only appears Mon-Wed on a particular form that my clients submit.

However, a client was able to submit a form today (Thursday). She said that she forgot to send it last night but when she logged in this morning the submit button was there. So I’m wondering how she was able to do that given the conditional logic in place (see screenshot).

I’ve been able to test this myself – I forgot that I had started a form on one my test accounts yesterday and when I went back to it I able to submit it today (Thursday). When I opened a new form today from the same test account, the Submit is missing as it should be.

So my question is: does the code above, or does making use of the built in ‘Save and Continue later’ feature, somehow bypass/ignore the conditional logic I’ve been able to apply using the perk?

Maybe I should be asking this through Gravity Wiz support??

Grateful for any advice. (I admit to no being the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to logic!)

Hi Thomas. Yes, I would check with Gravity Wiz support: