Save & Continue Confirmation [RESOLVED]

Anyone else having issues with the Save & Continue redirect?
It’s functioning as expected, accept when you click send email, it redirects to the default confirmation text “Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly.” message - which isn’t even in use on my form because it’s set to redirect to a page.

Just noticed this, and updated to the latest GF version yesterday.

Hi @ashevillewebhosting I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue if you have not already. Thank you.

We have the same problem. The send link form returns the default confirmation message instead of the ‘Save and Continue Email Sent Confirmation’ message. All our confirmations are set as text.

I will open a support ticket too. Commenting here to show it’s not an isolated issue.

Can confirm we’re having the same issue. For the moment my work around was to turn off AJAX for that particular form but it reduces some of the custom functionality we’ve put in place.

I’ll open a support ticket later with more details about the errors I’m seeing.

This error occurred with the update 2.4.17 -> 2.4.18

Thanks all; I’ve opened a ticket as well.

Can anyone post their ticket numbers here, so I can follow up? Thank you.

Thanks Chris: #296571

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Thanks, I see it. We can confirm the issue. Thank you for reporting it. It’s with the product team now and we have a couple other reports. You’ll hear back on the ticket once the issue has been resolved.

This issue is fixed in the latest build available from the support site:

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Thank you.