Problem with gform confirmation

Hello, after last updates in my form after submit button is pressed circle is spining and around 20 to 40 seconds it doe not do nothing in front end. All backed logick is going: i receiving in few second emails, webhooks and client email receiving. But form it sefl just “freezed” if i pres back button and then forvard sometime it work and redirecting to confirmation thank you page. But if not do nothing it just stops. I contacted g suport, they sayng that it is server problem and cetera, but until last updates it worked perfectly. So my question is maybe it is a way to add my confirmation buton. I saw this but as my form have conditional logic so it must redirect to a different thank you page depending what submiter chosed in form, so this option as I understand cant be useb because I cant add diferentredirect links.
What other options can be done to fix this issue? with thank you page not loading fast?

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