Save and continue without link - shortcode


I am building a longer form that will require some data gathering by the user. In that sense, I need the save and continue functionality… but I want the user to access it once logged in on the site through a link.

I found on this forum a nice solution - Save and continue without link [RESOLVED]

When the parameters are set, the shortcode lists all the draft entries. I installed the function, embedded the shortcode and I get a table of the entries. However, I cant access the draft entries… rather I get an empty form. Please see screenshot below.

I know this is a custom code… since Ive seen in on this form perhaps somebody has experience using it. Any idea where I might be getting it wrong?

Many thanks.

Hi Stefan,

This sounds like a case where Gravity Flow could help you quite a bit! It’s user input step being assigned to a user of the site (or via email field if not yet registered) would give you the login event you are after. The Gravity Forms User Registration add-on (or Gravity Flow’s update user step) should mean your initial form could have a small amount of data to complete the registration and the user input step and then the shortcode to display an inbox provides similar functionality to what your screenshot is after.