"Save and Continue" AFTER submission?

Is there any way to give users (that are not logged-in) the ability to edit their entries after they’ve submitted their info? Can “Save and Continue” link be modified for this purpose?

Ideally, I’d like to be able to give users 5-10 days to edit their entries after submission. Possible?

Sidenote: I have Gravity View and Gravity Wiz, but I’m unaware of a way to do this without users being logged-in.


The User Input step of Gravity Flow was designed to do exactly that.

  • The Save Progress setting gives you choices for if/how users can save their entry updates before marking the overall step as done.
  • The expiration setting would gives the flexibility to define how long the user has to submit their remaining edits.
  • Because you can define which fields are editable on a given step, you could also break a very large form down into one that feels smaller. You would set most of your fields to Visibility = administrative on the form editor, and then in the user input step define which ones should be editable or even displayed.
  • Our merge tags and support for email fields mean you can do everything you’re after without requiring them to have a WP user/role.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Jamie - I’ll check out that approach.

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