Save and Continue problems [RESOLVED]

I have a multi-page intake form that uses the save and continue option. I get a client every month or so who swears they start filling out the form, click save & continue, and then return to a blank form despite using the unique link generated by the save & continue notification. Sometimes, these clients email the link to themselves, which I get a copy of, and I can pull up their progress in the form. However, some clients don’t email the link to themselves. Is there any way I can pull up these unique save & continue links on the backend if they don’t request the email?

Please see this information:

If you have database access with something like phpMyAdmin, you can create the link yourself as well. The important part is stored in the wp gf_draft_submissions table. You can create the link like this:

where the gf_token value comes from the wp_gf_draft_submissions table (it’s the UUID value.)

I know that’s not in the back end, but it is possible to recreate a link.

Awesome, that worked perfectly! I was able to piece their link together from the UUID and get them back to where they left off. Thanks for your help–

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