Save and Continue problems [RESOLVED]

I have a multi-page intake form that uses the save and continue option. I get a client every month or so who swears they start filling out the form, click save & continue, and then return to a blank form despite using the unique link generated by the save & continue notification. Sometimes, these clients email the link to themselves, which I get a copy of, and I can pull up their progress in the form. However, some clients don’t email the link to themselves. Is there any way I can pull up these unique save & continue links on the backend if they don’t request the email?

Please see this information:

If you have database access with something like phpMyAdmin, you can create the link yourself as well. The important part is stored in the wp gf_draft_submissions table. You can create the link like this:

where the gf_token value comes from the wp_gf_draft_submissions table (it’s the UUID value.)

I know that’s not in the back end, but it is possible to recreate a link.

Awesome, that worked perfectly! I was able to piece their link together from the UUID and get them back to where they left off. Thanks for your help–

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Greetings, Brad

Care to share how you achieved this? I am facing a similar issue now.

Would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Preston, can I clarify something in this post that will help you?

Greetings Chris,

First off, thank you for all the help you provide to so many on this forum. Truly appreciated.

Yes, a little illumination please :thinking:

So, to achieve this link dynamically (for each user’s submission), I would have to write a script that queries the wp_gf_draft_submissions table for each user, correct? If so, how do I map the gf_token to each user? In the DB, I see the uuid field, but i’m guessing the hook lies in some id within the submission field?

Please advise

Check out the approach I use here. Lines 48-174 show how I’ve handled getting the submissions from the DB via GFFormsModel::get_draft_submissions(), comparing them against some user ID, and generating the link. I’m also doing some other checks in there, so this is probably more than you need.

So, in short, I’m querying all the submissions, then filtering according to the one’s specific to a user. Hope this is in some way helpful.

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Beautiful solution, Good Sir!

Thank you much!