GravityView & Save Link [RESOLVED]

Anyone have any thoughts on how to display a Save Link in a Gravity View?


Okay, new thought. Is there any way to decode the UUID (I’m hoping it’s not just a long unique ID)? If not the UUID, then how about the gform_unique_id? Both of these can be found in wp_gf_draft_submissions but have no other references. Any thoughts? Otherwise I’ll have to query the creation date, email, etc. at the same time to hopefullty get the desired results… lame…

FYI - I think it it’s stupid that the save submission doesn’t have an entry_id, while the entry_meta definitely does. I’m guessing the entry_id is created after the Save Submission… double lame…

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The uuid is just a random id generated so we have something unique to use in the resume url to identify which draft submission should be used to populate the form. It can’t be decoded.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do exactly, in both these topics, but maybe post a new topic, or open a support ticket, explaining what you are trying to accomplish, and we’ll see if we have any ideas. Thank you.

Thanks for the thoughts Chris. You can close this. I made a code that makes a front end table with a link to Saved forms. It will work for now:


The next leap is to insert the link into the appropriate GravityView row, which will probably take some AJAX and jQuery magic…

Neat solution! Thanks for sharing.