Purge Save and Continue data

Gravity Forms has save & continue option which is useful but I have the forms tied to woocom products for which the options have changed. Now users are using their saved entry but its breaking the purchase as the option they had selected there is no longer available so they are able to checkout without paying the full amount. Seeking an answer of how I purge the saved records so users old URLs don’t work any longer. The location of the records in phpmyadmin would do. please advise! thanks

I have an AJAX script that gives your saved and continues in a nice list format on the front end. On the list you can either open a save or delete it. I keep thinking that I need to make it into a plugin to share cause it is kinda neat to have. If you are interested, when I get the time to hash that together I’ll let you know, but it is one of many projects.

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That would be very useful… do you know where they are stored in db? I was told wp_gf_draft_submissions but I don’t see anything in there. Someone just used a saved link to buy something recently… so I know there must be some out there…

The GF docs mention a seperate table:

Save and Continue links are stored in a separate database table, so they are not accessible from anywhere in the WordPress admin dashboard.

Source: https://docs.gravityforms.com/save-continue-gravity-forms/

And indeed, it’s the *_gf_draft_submissions table:

Holds draft submissions created by the save and continue feature.

So if the table is empty, that means there are no saved GF entries in there to continue later :slight_smile:

What if someone has an old link and they follow it? What would they get? is there a way to find all the old links so I can redirect them? I think that is what is happening

The ‘save and continue’-links have a gf_token in them (I just tested it on a website of my own).

That gf_token matches (or not) with the uuid field in the *_gf_draft_submissions table. Since the creation date of the “I want to save this form” is kept as well (date_created) you could use those to do whatever you want.

If the gf_token doesn’t have a match in that table, a notice on top of the form is shown, saying the ‘save and continue link is no longer valid’ (it’s displayed in Dutch on my site, so that’s a rough translation :wink: ).

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