Always save the changes shown in the form

Hi, I need a solution so that when you open the form, the last answers are displayed.

Have you already tried this plugin?

If so, please give us more info of what you need.

Thank you, but it is not exactly what I need, the form is unique for each user, after it is sent with the submit button, I need that information to be stored there in the fields

Ah, so you’d like to have the input-fields filled in with the last submission details of that specific users’ form?

If that’s not it either, please keep in mind that we’re on a forum and text is highly interpretable by the reader. You can say one thing, but the reader can get quite a different picture from the exact same words. Examples in text / images can make a big difference. Especially with technical stuff like this :slight_smile:

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I might be doing something similar. To make it work for me, I’ll save data to Wordpress custom user meta, and then populate using that. Does that sounds like what you are needing?

You can then use the User Registration add-on to populate and update. That works when the user is the sole person using the form.

Now if it is also a field you/your employees/etc. use in behalf of the user (like I do), I’ll pre-populate using gform_pre_render and then update the data after submission with gform_after_submission. It’s a lot of work, but it turns out being pretty cool.

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