Save Inputs to a User [RESOLVED]

So let me quickly summarize what I need to do.

I have a form that can only be used by logged in users.
This form needs to save its inputs, so that even after it has been send, logged in users can easily go back and edit their entry without having to retype the entire form every time.

Is there an add-on or code trick that can do this

Hi Hellenique. If you are registering the user on your site and they must be logged in to submit a form, you can use these user merge tags as “default value” for fields in the form, so you can pre-fill the fields with information you already know about them.

If you have any other questions about the usage or your use case, please let us know.

Ah, the problem is, that if they make a change to something in that form, it also needs to be changed permanently.

Like for example:
Their city is saved as Amsterdam,
When they open the form, it gets pre-populated with Amsterdam, but they change it to Utrecht.

Then the saved data for the next time they use the form must be Utrecht.

In that case, create a User Registration feed to ‘update user’. You can map their profile fields here (left side) to the form fields (right side) and that will pre-populate fields in the form with information from their profile without the need to use the user merge tags. And when the form is submitted with new information, it will update the user’s profile. Does that work for you?

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That might do the trick! I’ll try some test runs over the weekend. Thank you for the help.

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You’re welcome.

Your add-on suggestion was exactly what was needed! This issue is solved.

Thank you for the update Hellenique. I’m glad that worked out.