HOW TO: Remember Past Choices on GRAVITYFORMS

Is there any easy way to remember user past choices? We hava now activated those steps:

1, user registration
2, auto login
3, we have a code which stop wordpress logging out users

and nr 4 must be funktion which remember user choices, soo if they come to our site after few weeks than they will see formular choices from last time…

is there any funktion, plugin?


With a logged in user, this is easy. You can pre-populate fields in the form by using these user meta merge tags as default values for any of the fields.

Or if you create an UPDATE USER feed for the User Registration add-on, and map those fields in the form to user meta keys, those fields will be automagically populated with information from the logged in user’s profile. If they change the value and submit the form, it updates the value stored in their user meta.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi Chris, but there is a small problem :slight_smile:
you saying in your document that: Please note: The user must be logged in when the entry is submitted.

BUT in my case, user will be first logged in after submiting so this two options will won’t work right?

I need to remember choices when user comes to my web page first time and he is not logged in yet…

I don’t have a method for remembering choices that a user has made, before he has logged in. Sounds like a good application for cookies. That doesn’t have anything to do with Gravity Forms. You can however set the cookie using the gform_after_submission hook. Writing the code to set the cookie is up to you, but that is a good time to do it to remember those choices for the visitor who is not logged in.