Display and Update Form Submissions

Hey there!
I have a question, im sure it’s an easy answer…

I have a gravity form for a postal address and contact details (Form A).

I would like to display this form on the Wordpress user account page with the previously submitted details in the form fields. The submit button would then say “update details” .

As I understand to do this, I have to create a new form (Form B) which is prefilled with the submissions of Form A. How would i ensure that updated form values would then overwrite the previous ones?

Is that correct?

Thanks all!

Hi Amanda. If you have an Elite license and are using the User Registration Add-On, you can do this with an Update User User Registration feed. Once the data is stored in the user’s profile, the User Registration Add-On allows you to pre-populate form fields with their profile data, and when that form is submitted the profile data will be updated.

If you do not have an Elite license or are not using the User Registration Add-On, you will need another method.