Get Form Entire through Email or a Unique code

Hi, I have a project in which there will be 2 forms,

  1. in first form user will submit his details (Name, Email, Address, Phone No etc)

  2. in second forms he will be able to view and update his details by just entering his email id.

Can it be in Gravity Forms If it is possible then I will buy Gravity Forms only.

I appreciate any help I can get in this.

Doing the above exactly as described is not a feature of Gravity Forms. An alternative could be to use the User Registration add-on to register in your site after submission of form 1. This would allow you to map the form fields to user meta fields, associating this data to the logged in user.

Then you could map the User Meta in the second form using the same settings, and this would allow the logged in user to update the data without having to enter his email, the add-on would simply populate the fields automatically.

You can read more about the User Registration and the User Meta in the following documentation:

If you don’t want to involve WP User registration, another approach would allow for this via Gravity Flow.

Form 1
No changes to what you have described.

Form 2

  • The initial form just asks for email address.
  • Use a Form Connector Update Fields step type to lookup the name, address, etc from Form 1 and store into matching fields in Form 2 that are set to ‘administrative’ for visibility.
  • Use a User Input step assigned to the email field which has name, address, etc. as editable.
  • On the Form > Confirmation, set the redirection to a page and use the query string values to match to a page that has a Gravity Flow inbox block or shortcode. So from the users experience, they would submit their email and go right to a page where they can modify their existing address data.
  • If you need them to be able to update their address/info more than once, an additional Form Connector Update An Entry step would be useful to send the revised data back to Form 1 entry for update.


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