Gravity form possibilities

Hi all

I have a website using gravity form and I just realised that the form we did is far too complex.

As a consequence I would like to change completely the approach, and divide the data collection into steps.

My idea is to initially ask for:

  • user email
  • user city
  • checkbox for terms and privacy

and then to leave the user the possibility to add more information on his personal page upon time.

Now, will those information be retrieved from gravity form somehow? The aim is to enrich the user profile so to better target him when sending dem with sendinblue

Do you have any experience in it? or an example?

I will obviously then need someone who can develop it


Hi Vito. Do you have a Gravity Forms Elite or Developer license? If so, you can use the User Registration add-on to collect all that extra data, and then show that information to the user in a form, where they can update their profile, add more information, etc.

Hi Chris

at moment I have Gravity Form Basic.

The problem: I should be able to convey all users coming from:

  • wordpress website
  • shop website (woocommerce)
  • chatbot

to one unique CMS tool

My idea is to use gravity form to collect and update users informations so to later subscribe them to sequences, send information etc.

does it make sense?

It makes sense, but I don’t know of a way to do that with a Gravity Forms Basic license. I recommend using the User Registration add-on, which will require an Elite license.

I recommend taking a look at the Gravity Forms Demo site to see what is possible using the add-ons that are included with your Gravity Forms license: