Gravity Forms to WooCommerce & Automate Woo

If someone gives us their email address through gravity forms for our newsletter, we want them to be added to woo commerce & automate woo to trigger our email sequencing. How do we add people from Gravity Forms to WooCommerce without having them go through the checkout process?

If you add an User Registration feed to your form you can create an user for people submitting the form. You can also map form fields to WooCommerce user meta keys: Creating a User Registration Feed - Gravity Forms Documentation

So, if everyone that fills out the form, they become a registered user in Wordpress, correct?
Or do they just become registered users of Gravity Forms?
We want to utilize the email sequences in Automate Woo, and the user fields in Gravity forms need to map into my customer details within WooCommerce, as that’s how we use email sequences.

Please advise.

That is correct. When the user submits a Gravity Forms form that has a User Registration Add-On feed, a user will be created (or updated if you are using an Update User feed.) You can map the form fields to whatever custom keys you need, including WooCommerce custom keys. You need to know what those key names are, exactly, in order for this to be successful. I recommend checking the wp_usermeta table for an existing using who has all the correct WooCommerce meta keys, and ensuring your User Registration Add-On feed maps to all the same keys, using data in the same format.

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