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I have created a user registration form which includes an address field. Activation is done manually. When a new user is approved I want to save the address data in the newly created account. The system is using WooCommerce so customer address fields already exist. I just need to find a way to transfer the address submitted in the form into the account.

Any help would be most appreciated.


You can map the Address field inputs to WooCommerce user meta keys in your feed settings as usual: Creating a User Registration Feed - Gravity Forms Documentation

Doing a quick search I found the meta key names WooCommerce uses here:

The only extra thing to consider in this case, is that WooCommerce uses the country code instead of the country name as Gravity Forms does, so you would need to use also some snippets:

To save the country code: gform_user_registration_prepared_value - Gravity Forms

To change the country code back to full name (for Update User feeds): gform_user_registration_user_data_pre_populate - Gravity Forms

@sacom provides great details for using the User Registration add-on. Depending on what level of inspection/complexity is required with your manual review before activation, [Gravity Flow]( may be able to simplify, or automate, some of your tasks).

  • The Update User step could let all the mappings he describes occur without code.
  • Placing an approval step before that in the workflow, can control if that happens or standardize the message(s) your new customer (or failed applicant) receive.
  • If your current manual activation effort is something you can/want to automate in the future, building your business logic into a custom step type might be something to look at.

Happy automating :slight_smile:

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