Edit User Profile frontend form [RESOLVED]

I created with Gravity Forms a register form and now i need a “edit user frontend” tool. How I can do this with Gravity Forms?

Thanks for you help

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Hi Marek. You can create a new form to collect updated information, and then create a User Registration Update User feed. When you map the form fields to the profile fields, in the feed, those fields will be pre-filled with profile information for the logged in user, and when they submit the form, it updates their stored information.

If you need more assistance with that, please let us know.

Hello Chris. Thank you for your answer. :+1: I had some problems with my website but now i will try your solution.

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Hallo Chris

It works, but only partially. Only my name and email address are displayed. How can I show other fields such as. Street, zip code, city etc.

If you need additional help setting this up, please open a support ticket:

Thank you.


In the meantime, I’ve found a simple solution. Here are the links.


That’s a great solution. Thank you for the update.