Updat entry together

I have two forms and I want to edit one field of it in the other form as well. That means two fields of two forms are connected.
I don’t know programming, is there an easy way or ready code or plugin

You might take a look at the third party Gravity Cloud add-on: https://www.gravity-cloud.com

It allows you to create parts of forms that can be reused across different forms, and you can edit the part in one central location, which will update it everywhere it’s in use.

thank you
But it works with rest api and I don’t want that

When you describe editing one field in the other form, do you mean editing the values in entries of the two forms or modifying the field(s) themselves?

Editing the actual field?
This would probably require code. Perhaps hooking to the gform_after_save_form action so that when you change the field in one form it can make a corresponding change in the other via the GFAPI for updating a form.

Editing entries in different forms that use those fields?
Gravity Flow has you covered for the no and low code approaches to do this with it’s Form Connector extension. You can use either the Update an Entry step type (modify entry in Form B based on values from fields in the current entry of Form A) or Update Fields step type (modify field values in the current entry based on entry in Form B). Both use the same field mapping selection setup, but differ in terms of what entry is triggering the behaviour or being updated.


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