Update entry form from the front end

I want to build a form that edits/update other forms entries. How can I do this?
It means i have a registration form for my site. and i want to have the ability to edit the users from the from end (not the admin).

because the first registration forms (2 deterrent forms ) includes payment. I need the edit to be in a separate form

Hi Amir,

I’m not totally clear on your requirements, so I will just describe a new capability I’ve added in a plugin.

The concept is “shared fields” - Where a field-input value submitted in one form, can be used in another form. The saved data is tied to the user that entered the field input.

This saved-data can be re-used as the same field in another form - with its saved value from the first form pre-populated in that same field rendered on another form. Or, the input value accessible as a merge tag, like in an HTML or hidden field.

LMK if this sounds close to what you are seeking.

Hi Amir, I responded to another one of your old posts as well. Just wanted to share this resource for editing entries on the frontend:

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