How to update existing entries via form submission?

I have a bunch of entries from previous submissions of my form.

However I would like to pre-load a form with existing data from an entry, and when submitted, it would overwrite the existing entry with the new data.

Is this possible? Or do I need to use the REST API with a separate form / service?

Maybe I can just include the entry ID in the form as a field?

Hi @jared.seeders
I hope you’re doing great. There have four ways to edit existing entries.

  1. Editing entries in Gravity Forms the regular way
  2. Editing entries faster using the Inline Edit plugin
  3. Bulk updating multiple entries at the same time with GravityActions
  4. Using Inline Edit with GravityView to edit entries on the front end

To know step-by-step guidelines in detail, you may check this article. Let me know how that goes! :smile:

Hi Jared,

This should be possible with our GP Easy Passthrough Perk and the Edit Entry Snippet. Here’s tutorial documentation with details on how to set it up and a link to the snippet.

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