Using Gravity Forms to Build a Role-Playing Game Character Creator?

I’m designing a tabletop roleplaying game to tie into my book series and I’m considering building a basic character creator form (ala using Gravity Forms. But before I dive into it and fail spectacularly, I thought I’d come here and ask for advice.

There are some requirements necessary for even a basic creator like this to work and I’m hoping to get any guidance, suggestions, and/or possible add-on recommendations you all might have regarding:

  • The ability for a user to create multiple versions of the same template form (for multiple characters), somehow save them to their Wordpress account, and delete them as well.
  • The ability to be able to return to the saved complete or incomplete form later and update it when they make changes or their character levels up.
  • The ability to have that saved form have a custom title (ideally pulled from the character name and current level in the form) when shown in their account information.
  • The ability to export the completed form into a character sheet pdf template.

I imagine most of those bullets are possible with advanced knowledge (that I don’t have) or add-ons, but one I’m not so sure about is an ideal alternative to the pdf export that would create some form of end page where the user’s form information is fed into a “live” character sheet template that could be adjusted without going back into the form (to alter health level, spells used, etc.)

Thoughts? :grimacing:

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