Gravity Forms 2.7 – Custom Template Library Templates

Is there a plan to allow developers to create / replace the built in templates in the template library that appear in the new 2.7 version?

Hi KBD. It’s not a feature in 2.7, but the plan is to include that in 2.8. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thanks Chris! Is there a proposed timeline for the release of 2.8? Trying to plan our own roadmap of features that would piggy back off this feature.

We do not have a timeline for 2.8 yet. We’re still working on getting 2.7 out the door!

Haha, I figured, but thought I’d ask. Thanks for the updates. Can’t wait for 2.7!

I think 2.7 is going to be great as well!

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