Creating a Hire Store form

Hey guys,

I’m looking to convert our manual hire store form into a Gravity Form for our clubs and societies to be able to request equipment from us to hire for their events. You can find the pdf of the form below

The top bit is easy enough to do, it’s the items list I’m struggling with.

I’m wondering is there a way to have the individual items hardcoded into a form so the students just need to write down the number of items they require?

Is this possible or will they have to manually input the items and number required after looking through the PDF?

Thanks guys, appreciate your advice on this one.

Would something like this work to actually let them fill out a PDF using Gravity Forms?

Hi Chris,

Cheers for that. I was hoping the functionality might be available within the standard Gravity Forms plugin without having to purchase additional add ons.

Hi James. If you want to create a new PDF (rather than using the form to fill out a PDF) you can use this plugin (which is free.)

Gravity Forms does not have any PDF creation capabilities. The third party ecosystem has filled that gap, and we’ve focused on other things. Let me know if you’re looking for something different.