Gravity form populating premade PDFs

Hi, here’s my desired workflow:

User enters information (name, date, company, etc) on forms, which then populates or merges with a pdf which I’ve previously created and uploaded.

For example: I have previously created a letter accepting an offer from a company. I want the user to be able to input their information and the info of the company they’re dealing with, which will then output a pdf which they can print out or email to the company whose offer they’re accepting.

Google does show some possibilities out there, but I wanted to ask to see if anyone has actually done it. I would prefer to keep costs low (or nonexistent!) if possible. Thanks.

I don’t know of a free way to do this. There is an add-on created specifically for that though:

I’ll leave this open in case someone else has experience with another solution.

I’ll report back, having bought Fillable PDFs, and also because I need some more help!

I now have Gravity Forms, which allows the user to fill out the fields.
Using Fillable PDFs, the fields are mapped to a PDF template I uploaded and so the PDF is completed with the user-supplied data.

After the Submit button is pressed, I have it set up to a Confirmation Page.

The issue is that I want the completed PDF to be downloaded when a button on the Confirmation Page is pressed.

I’m hoping there’s a way to do this. Fillable PDF does output a merge field with the url of the created PDF, but I don’t know how to use that merge field in this context.

I’m using DIVI and I’m hoping there’s some way to use the merge field to automatically populate that button.

If not, at least if I could use the merge field to make a link the user could click on.

Have you checked with ForGravity support for how to accomplish that using Fillable PDFs?

I did send them a support request, but I figured I’d ask here, too. It seemed to me that the scope of the issue goes beyond their plugin and would require their merge field to interact with Gravity and also Divi and I doubted they’d be able to step out the whole thing for me.

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I’ve successfully used Gravity PDF. You can basically do what you want for free.

Interesting… I have Gravity PDF and it does output the data in a nice form, but I don’t see any way to control the output to look like a well-formatted letter.

By the way, guys. Venting a bit, but Fillable PDFs is an exceedingly badly documented plugin. For $250/year, they really should have more than 6 mini-tutorials on their site, some of them outdated. I am also already starting to find little bugs.

You can create a custom template for that, complete with headers and footers. You’ll find it in the docs and if you reach out to support Jake is a super helpful guy.