PDF Upload and PDF download with Gravity PDF

Hi There, a short question. I built an application form for an art contest for my client. It was important for the client to be able to download all entries in one form entry bundled in one PDF. For this I used Gravity PDF. Now the customer wants that also PDFs can be uploaded in the form. But these should also appear in visual form in the downloaded PDF and not - as now - as a link to a PDF. My question: Is it possible to upload PDF files in a form, which are then displayed visually in the PDF output of the entire form as an image?

Thanks in advance! Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Jake from Gravity PDF here. This functionality isn’t possible with the free version of Gravity PDF. To actually merge user-uploaded PDFs into the generated Gravity PDF document, you’d require a commercial license to this software and custom development to integrate it.

We’ve done this integration for a number of customers in the past. Reach out via our Bespoke PDF development service for a quote.


Thanks for your help!