Upload and download PDF functions (user submissions)

Hi guys

I just bought Gravity forms to make a simple upload/download website. A user should be able to upload a PDF file through the form (this is working right now).

But then all the other users should be able to download that PDF. How do I add a download button to my post?

Thanks in advance!

Are you creating a post out of the Gravity Forms form submission? If so, you just need to add the link to the PDF file in your post, and style the button. If you are doing something different with the PDFs that are uploaded to your site, please let us know what that is. Thank you.

I’m indeed creating a post with a gravity form. I can see the PDF attachment in the gravity submissions but now I want to have a download button to that PDF in the post.

How can I add that link to my post automatically?

Use the content template for the post body. If you need assistance with that, please open a support ticket and we’ll assist