Data Collection Before Allowing A PDF Dowload

Hi all,

Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

We have dozens Case Studies posts which is a CPT.

Each case study has an associated PDF for download. The URL for each PDF is stored in an ACF field in each case study.

We want to be able to capture some marketing data for access to the download. We’re using a generic Gravity Form to collect name, email and company.

This is the ideal work flow for us:

  • Each Case Study has a related PDF.
  • Each CPT is given a button that launches a modal that contains a generic Gravity Form that captures email address, name and company
  • We then either
    • Send a GF notification email that has the URL of the PDF download dynamically inserted or
    • On submission the user is redirected to the URL for the PDF.

What we’re trying to avoid is creating a new form for each new Case Study and keep this as dynamic as possible.

Is it possible to pass the PDF URL to the generic form somehow so we avoid having to create a new form for each Case Study?

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to handle this?

With thanks



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Hi Phil,

I would think that passing the PDF url via the shortcode of block into a hidden field would let you re-use the same form.