Is There A Way To Create Multiple PDFs From A Single Form?

Just wondering if anyone has run across this anywhere?

We have a project where we need to create multiple PDFs from a single form. Some need to be downloadable by the User, and some need to be downloadable only by Admins for Order Fulfillment.

Any help would be appreciated.

The plugin Gravity PDF allows configuring multiple feeds for PDF generation per form. You can then assign each to one or more notifications for the form.

Fillable PDFs for Gravity Forms will let you take existing fillable PDF templates and populate them with Gravity Forms entry data.

You can setup multiple feeds per form, letting you generate different kinds of PDFs for each entry. Each PDF can be linked to on the confirmation page and attached to any of your form’s notifications.

Plus, the visual field mapper makes configuration so easy that you’ll be generating PDFs within ten minutes of installing the plugin.

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That’s perfect. I need to go through the documentation and figure things out a bit more but it looks like a perfect fit!


That looks interesting, but the cost is a scary. I’ll need to poke around a bit and check it out. Thanks for the suggestion!

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