Creating a single merged PDF file from Gravity Forms and file uploads

Good day, everyone! I’m pleased to share this plugin with the community: Gravity Forms Merge PDFs.

I have had several usage scenarios where the client needed a single PDF file from Gravity Forms that included the form data plus one or more PDFs uploaded to file upload fields. This fulfills that need. Enjoy!


So amped to see this, my friend!

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How did you make it work? I have installed the plugin but nothing happens. Is there any settings that I am missing?

You’ll need to add the Merge PDFs item to the form and then configure it accordingly. Feel free to DM me with any specific questions!

I added the merge tag but it just pasted a weird url at the last page of the pdf.

I’ll need more information to assist you. This plugin works well for me on several sites, which is why I wanted to share it here. Please feel free to DM me with any screenshots or other details.

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This is the merge tag I added just before the footer.

This is the url I am seeing at the end of the pdf instead of the PDF itself.

The way that the plugin is designed to work is as follows.

  1. Add the Merge PDFs field to the form.
  2. Gather form submissions that include one or more file uploads in PDF format.
  3. Then, on the backend, you may click on “Display Merged PDF.” By default, this will show you all of the uploaded PDFs. If you are using Gravity PDF or Gravity Flow’s PDF Generator, it will include the form data plus the uploads in a single file.
  4. To show the file on the frontend, you would need to use GravityView or Gravity Flow.

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