Is this possible?

I’m trying to recreate this form (but better) using Gravity Forms. The main thing I’m not sure can be done with Gravity Forms is step 2 / 3 of this form. A user uploads a photo, enters in some info, and it renders a photo card that it saved on the backend and can be printed out and shipped to them. Here is the link of the current form. Any direction / help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Page 3 might be challenging… You can do A LOT with GF, but you have to be able/willing to learn to code, or hire someone to do it. If you have a functioning form, why are you looking to change it?

Maybe with Fillable PDFs I would recommend you to ask the author about it.

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I’d like to have the form created in Gravity Forms. I am willing to hire someone to do it…

By the way, here’s a quick video that gives everyone an idea of what I’m trying to do…

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