Looking for someone to help me make a custom form

I’m looking to hire someone who can help me do something like this (https://vimeo.com/307890124).

Please let me now if you’re interested. Thanks!

I’d be interested, but can’t say I have the time right now.

For whoever might take it up, here’s a tool that should work to put the previewing in place – Gravity PDF Previewer.

Hey Joshua,

If you visit https://hopestory.org/sign-up and put in fake info you can get to the part where the pdf’s are made. This is where I’m having a problem. Any chance you could take a look?

I took a look and a walk-through of the form. Made it all the way to the payment page and didn’t seem to run into anything buggy. I expect maybe you resolved whatever issue you may have been having?

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P.S. Very well put together form! I really like the tools you’ve employed for searching addresses and uploading/cropping images. Well done!

Thanks Joshua,

The photo card part doesn’t always work. It only works some of the time and the developer helping us I think is stuck on what do to next to get it to work. Also some of the backend doesn’t work super smooth. It just needs some debugging and some refinements. I’m looking for someone that may be able to bring it to completion and has experience with this sort of thing.


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Ah, I see. Unfortunately, I am at my limit at the moment. Hope you’re able to connect with someone here that can work through these final pieces with you.

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