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I am in the process of creating a form to be used by logged in members of a site essentially for the basis of data entry. The form is giving me the ability to create all of the fields that I need and am very grateful to have found Gravity Forms. My issue is once a form is submitted and the admin needs to print the form from the dashboard, it looks like a bunch of fields with boxes. Is there a way that I can change the way the form prints so that it looks more like a professional document rather than looking like a form printed from a website?

How about using GravityPDF to create a PDF output of all the data that was submitted, in a format you can control?

Thanks for the reply. So Gravity PDF is completely coexistent with Gravity Forms? Do i just manipulate the php code for the gravity form that I have setup on the website and lay it out based on the field id or something? Will every submitted form automatically also generate a PDF document?

Hi Jason,

I’m a GF customer like yourself, as well as a PHP Dev. I’ve been hanging out here lately just learning and helping others as I have time and suggestions.

I am also watching for possible candidates to help beta test my new plugin “Multi-Form Sticky Field Sharing” (for Gravity Forms).

Your use case requirements are very similar to a project I recently completed, which had almost the same needs as yours. After I finished it, I decided to package up some of the code I wrote and donate it to the WP/GF community. This is how I wound up here :slight_smile:

We built a site that empowers the user to create a PDF “booklet,” using the GF and Gpdf plugins. The site has a collection of pages with forms, some being “multi-page” forms, where the logged in user fills out all the forms; the forms all had to be “sticky” and re-entrant with their saved data, even for multi-page forms that they abandoned half-way thru it.

The final “product” produced (or published), is a PDF doc they can download and printout for their related needs.

So I had to solve two goals:

  1. Provide for saving all their form-fillout progress across many pages
  2. Render all the saved field entry data into a format to make a nice booklet

The produced PDF has a title page, TOC (table of contents auto generated), headers and footers etc. Besides saving the field input, the MFSFS plugin uses “merge tags” to insert the saved fields into HTML blocks, and into hidden fields (to support GF’s conditional logic feature) which is then rendered on a “final” GF Page Form which creates the composed PDF doc.

You can see this action for yourself on my MFSFS demos if you like, and read the docs I’m wrapping up at GitHub.

If you review all this, and wish to consider a proof of concept trial for your own needs, feel free to contact me here via DM for more info.

If you have more related questions that could also be helpful to others, feels free to post them here to this thread as well…



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Can you DM me to discuss more?

Sent - let me know if you don’t receive it.