How to print a completed form? [RESOLVED]

We have online consent forms which need to be printed in their entirety - the form with the fields completed.

How is this done with Gravity Forms?

You might want to checkout this doc.

Perhaps I’m not explaining well.

Imagine a form that must be signed and printed at some point in the future.

The form could be:
"Be signing below I acknowledge I’m waiving my rights to litigate:


In this simple example there’s a single form field called “signature”.

Someone fills it out online on Tuesday.

On Wednesday we need to produce a “completed form” to keep on-hand for legal reasons. If we just use the built-in Print feature ( the output would be the field data and field name. It would omit the legalese which appears on the original form completed by the person.

I’m open to trying some additional plugin that interacts with Gravity Forms.

How about this plugin which would allow you to collect data in a Gravity Forms form and fill out a PDF with the data?

Or, you could use Gravity PDF to create a layout in PDF which has the questions and your submitted answers:

Turns out that GravityPDF was the perfect solution to my needs.

It prints the HTML content of the form and the answers the person chose. That’s good enough for my needs.

Thanks for offering those two suggestions.


Thanks for the update.