Form Printing by User

Provide a capability to enable end user to print a form OR to easily send back a formatted printed form to a user with a confirmation message or acknowledgement receipt message. Currently the only way to do this is to embed all fields in a custom notification email message to the user submitting the form.

Would ‘printing’ to PDF help you out? Because then GravityPDF could be a solution :slight_smile:

Thanks for the additional informtion about this plug-in. I had noticed this. I’m not sure the extra step of generating PDFs works for us. For now, shall see how our users respond to including all fields in the email notifications. I have discovered that {all_fields} function does not include the form/entry ID number assigned by GF. It would be nice if it did since that number is used as a reference number in our database and some users have multiple entries. It’s interesting that it does not since the export function of all fields does include that data field.

The entry ID is in most use-cases not needed inside {all_fields}. I suppose that’s why it’s not added there.

You can filter the contents of {all_fields} though, so adding the ID to {all_fields} is possible too :slight_smile:

You can also use multiple merge tags in your notification:


Reference: {entry_id}